Mounting Structure of Solar Panels

Fixed Tilt

It is designed to cater to a singular tilt angle.
It can be further categorized into single pole structure & Dual pole structure

Variable Tilt

It is designed to accommodate various tilt angles.
It can be further categorized into curved slot & Hinge mechanism.

Single Axis Tracking

It is an innovative and cost-effective single axis tracking solution
It can broadly be divided into mounting structure & tracker Driving components.

Roof Mounted Structure

Fixed Mounting

It is premium rooftop mounting solutions designed For flat rcc roof and provides for rapid expansion From kilowatt to megawatt scales.

Clamp Type

It is engineered to provide maximum exibility in both design and Installation for various trapezoidal-profile metal roofs. Requiring Very few components for installation.

Clip Type

It is non- penetrative solution for concealed roofs. For different Rooftop profiles, different clips are designed.